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Company Profile

The name Infinite originates from the inner core of the human spirit which has a deep connection with the limitless universe and is uncontained. Infinite was initiated as an idea in 2007. Infinite International is an organization which assists people in their endeavor to find their true potential by helping them grow in all facets of life. In today's world most of us are lost in our daily routine. We are unable to find our true calling and unable to reach meaningful goals.

Infinite’s programs are designed to meet the basic implementation necessity post facilitation and coaching. The process of the program is created to give maximum benefits for the participant and the organization.

Amidst this, Infinite International's interventions augment skills, energize and inspire individuals to excel in their focus areas. Destruction and Creation of new boundaries and new concepts is essential for continuous improvement and growth. In this organization we Recreate Dimensions, Redefine Success and Seek Infinite.

The main core of Infinite’s programs can be summarized in our LEARN model:

Company Profile

Founder and CEO

Rashmi Dixit

Rashmi is the founder of Infinite International and Dhruvatara. Her work with Leaders as part of Infinite opened up her quest to understand patterns that were being formed in childhood, that impacted adult lives. Rashmi is a ICF(International Coach Federation) accredited Transformational Coach, She is also a Coach faculty with LTW India and works extensively with the senior management to Coach, discuss, debate and design some of the most detailed strategies for implementing behavioral changes across the organizations and communities.

Rashmi considers positive impact on self and others to be her life path. She has been on this path consciously for past nine years. She has impacted business leaders and businesses. She is also an internationally certified coach and leadership facilitator. She loves using theatre, art and movement as creative mediums for self-exploration.

Rashmi is a post graduate in Microbiology and she started her career in 1999 at Colgate Palmolive’s Global Technology Centre and was a part of this organization’s exciting journey for almost 9 years. Colgate opened up various opportunities for her to get cross-functional exposure. Rashmi has travelled extensively across the world and understand how where we grow impacts our being and interactions. A poet at heart, Rashmi also loves painting and gardening, which forms a part of her schedule.