I want to express my appreciation for the work developed by you during this Leadership Training Course which we are finishing now. Both during the design of the same, where you were very close and significantly collaborated with the proper definition, and during the implementation along the more than one year that we have covered with the different modules, your contribution has been outstanding.

Your adaptation to the different situations, proximity to the people, continuos support during the modules and between them, and, on top of everything, the focus in the targets and your resolution to get them, have made it a very efficient way of improving our leadership competences. Sept 3, 2012

Jose HernanzManaging Director, Alfa Laval India

“We had a productive and enjoyable day long session with Rashmi on the subject of team and individual performance enhancement. She has a forthcoming and honest style and is quickly able to relate to her audience, thereby ensuring that everone can get the most out of the program. We all had a few key takeaways by the end of the day that could be implemented and came away impressed by her knowledge. I look forward to following her future work.” June 24, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity.

Sunit MehraManaging Partner, Hunt Partners

“It has been a pleasure working with Rashmi. I have known her for a year now, during this period she has been associated with our team training on leadership development journey.I have enjoyed and greatly benefitted while being on this journey.

She is efficient, reliable and committed, and delivers what she promises. She is a great asset to anything she puts her efforts into, and will make a success of all her efforts.

I appreciate her positive attitude and the "go-to" person to get things done and the results are of immense value and development.

She is a wonderful person to work with and thorough professional.” May 30, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Jaswant Choudhary Vice President, Alfa Laval India

Alfa Laval appointed Rashmi Dixit as trainer/coach for our year-long Leadership Training for top executives. Rashmi has an excellent personality as a trainer. She created comfortable environment during the training sessions. The sessions used to be very lively, and encouraged active participation. During the sessions, we could observe her thorough dedication and preparation. Rashmi’s enthusiasm is contagious and one could not help but join her actively in the discussions during the training. I would happily recommend Rashmi to any company which wishes to conduct effective and interesting leadership training for their employees.

Manoj BarveDirector, Alfa Laval India

The Sales trainings conducted at our branches in Mumbai, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat and Vashi proved really of value-add in terms of practical case discussions, selling tactics and dealing with customers. The participants have found it immensely useful and gave a very positive feedback.

P. B Srikanth HR

The sales training has honed our skills and it has improved decision making on the spot. It has definitely enhanced our real potential.

Ashutosh Kanungo Branch head

The Leadership Development Program (LDP) from Infinite International is useful in Corporate as well as Personal life. LDP is an outstanding process for giving people greater self awareness and the willingness to start the process of 'Internal Change'. It helped me develop a clearer sense of direction, define my goals and develop positive attitude towards making tough decisions in my personal and professional life. I feel its impact will remain with me for lifetime.

Prashant Chandanapurkar

Leadership Development Program conducted by Infinite International has definitely made impact on me and my Team.

Although I had attended similar programs in past, which were conducted away from work place and were directed towards overall development and identification of leadership qualities in each individual.

I find this program more consolidated towards leadership development and has more dimensions added to it, identification of self and team members and application of findings immediately reflected into more targeted results which are aligned with organisation Big Picture.

Milind Kulkarni

Really meaningful sessions, which enlightened our ideas and helped us, understand our biases. The learning would be beneficial to me in my Job as well as personal life too. Thanks for this wonderful training.

Atul Gatwai

During this program I have learned so much about myself and how I can relate better with others, accomplish tasks better and quicker by analysing the strengths and weakness. My ability to relate to others has improved dramatically across the board - with friends, colleagues and subordinates which intern is going to help to achieve the professional, organisational and personal goals and stay tuned to vision in long run.

Anand Rajput

Training was useful in our day to day work & personal life. It gave us confidence to take decisions at work place. Training guided us to increase area of influence at work.

Dinesh Patwa

I am extremely happy to put on record that the training program has been incredibly valuable in several ways. At the outset it put us before a mirror to know and change you first. It has boosted our confidence levels and awareness about self to realize true potential. I am highly impressed with the way program emphasized on implementation which has resulted in tremendous improvement in the focus, sensitivity towards colleagues/ Peers, and built up a team / Force with competence. I truly believe that the outstanding values of this program can’t be quantified by just giving a ranking or stating a keyword phrase. I honestly can’t thank enough for the learning inculcated by the program.

Dr. Nakul Phase

The Problem Solving and Decision Making programme was very well organised, it met the expectations & helped to understand the tips & tactics of problem solving & decision making. It was an eye opener.

Harsh Vibhute